Close your eyes for just a moment and visualize what it would be like to have a fully engaged and active Facebook Group. Imagine what it would be like to have a captive tribe that interacted with you (which makes a group less work for you) and what’s more… looked forward to engaging with you!

Feels good, right?!?!

I am here to tell you that it can be done and I have 5 little tips to help get you get there.

(And with all these algorithm changes with social media lately… groups are the place to be!)

1) Make sure your group has a solid central theme or intention. Be intentional with what your group’s purpose is and make sure your description is also clear with this intention. Creating and sustaining the “vibe” in your group naturally keeps people engaged and coming back for more.

2) Make your group closed – why? A closed group creates an air of exclusivity, an exclusive tribe, if you will. Even in today’s highly digital world and where one seemingly has open access to everything, people still crave the feeling of being a part of something exclusive. Make your group that exclusive space!

3) Videos, videos, and more videos! Not just any videos – NO – live and recorded videos from YOU, the mastermind behind the group! These people are in your group because they want to see you. You can start by making your cover photo a video about you, your group and your purpose! Videos have quickly become the new wave of communication and for good reason. Instantaneous connection with you via live videos in an exclusive group! You are well on your way to creating the Like (ok, love), Know, Trust Factor that drives people.

4) Your Facebook Group is your digital home and just like at home, there will need to be rules. Why would having rules keep your audience engaged? Simply put, rules give us guidelines, expectations, and boundaries. Whether people admit it or not, we as humans crave boundaries and creating a clear-cut set of rules allows your group to be a safe haven no matter what the central theme or intention is.

5) Last, but certainly not least is to Be Present and Be You. You are the leader of your Tribe and if your audience has made it as far as joining your exclusive group, then they want to connect with you. They want to see your beautiful shining face (don’t worry that doesn’t mean you need to do your makeup and hair, top buns and yoga pants are acceptable), experience your contagious vibe, hear your voice and they want to connect with the real you behind the screen. To create an engaged Facebook Group YOU also need to be engaged.

It really comes down to being consistent in connecting with your audience and your audience will be consistent in connecting with you – this is simply human nature and loyalty at work.

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