“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.”

― Greg Reid ―

Goals are important in getting us to where we need to be. When we set off on this adventure of becoming an entrepreneur (or maybe it’s more like a rollercoaster) we often get so excited about the adventure that we forget about the goals which create our roadmap to success. How do we set those goals in a way that will ensure we accomplish them? Rewards! We give ourselves rewards for reaching milestones, there is so much power in reward systems.

We don’t go about setting giant goals, this often times can become overwhelming and we end up being less productive. Take your large goals and break them down into little bite-size chunks or as I like to say… instead of going right to the 6-inch stilettos… spend some time working your way there through flats and build up to them! In the same respect that we have small milestone goals, we should also have small milestone rewards.

What will your rewards look like? Giving yourself some much-needed rest? Grabbing a 30-minute massage? Maybe a trip to the nail salon or tanning bed? Those shoes or that purse you have been eyeing? Maybe your reward is something as simple as your favorite fancy coffee that you rarely indulge yourself with. The point is that your reward should be something you look forward to – it gives you the incentive to keep pushing forward with your goal. Your reward system should always match you and your goal, it would do no good to set a reward if it’s not something that motivates you. Am I right?

Let’s look at an example:

Goal – Make $3000 per month in my business – AWESOME!

Goal Break down and reward system –

  • Reach $500 = Treat myself to my favorite gourmet coffee at my local coffeehouse
  • Reach $1000 = Treat myself to a Manicure at my favorite nail salon
  • Reach $1500 = Treat myself to a 30 minute massage
  • Reach $2000 = Treat myself to relaxing facial at my local day spa
  • Reach $2500 = Treat myself to a new pair of shoes
  • Reach $3000 = GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!! Treat myself to weekend getaway 🙂

Your goal and rewards may look much different but the theory is still the same.

So while you are gearing up to kick some business butt remember to set your goals and reward yourself for accomplishing them!

If you want a place to help you plan those goals, tips to help you reach them and people to celebrate with when you do, head on over to my Private Facebook Support Group (it’s title for VA’s… but really it’s for those kickass entrepreneur women growing their businesses with Hustle and Heart!)


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