I am betting that it’s safe to assume if you find yourself reading this article then you have a dream that you want to turn into a business (of course – thus the title). Like so many other entrepreneurs before you, you are wondering exactly how that can happen, right? The thought of pursuing your dream and making it a reality and financial success is likely pretty daunting right now but here is a little secret – every successful entrepreneur has been right where you are right now. 

The good, no great, news is YOU can grow your dream into a business with dedication, determination and some useful tidbits found here! Whatever your dream is there is no better time than right now to make it happen. You will need some paper and a pen for this one! Grab that liquid gold we call coffee and let’s settle in for a heart to paper brainstorming session!

Dream – Vision – Purpose – Mission. Four simple words with some powerful information behind them! Time to get that pen and paper ready!!

What is your dream specifically?
When you look at creating an income from your dream what comes to mind?
Write these thoughts down on that handy dandy notebook in front of you, you are taking the first step right now!

When you look at your dream in your mind, what is your vision?
What does your vision look like?
Who are you helping?
Where are you located?
What are you offering?
How are you living?

Ready? Let’s keep going….

What is the driving purpose behind your dream?
What need are you filling for potential customers?
What service are you offering potential customers?
What is it about your dream that gives a purpose to others?

Finally, what is the Mission behind all of it? If you were to write a small 3 sentence paragraph that translated to your Mission Statement what would it say?

You don’t have to go all Jerry McGuire on the Mission but only you can truly define what your Mission is with your dream. An example from a friend who is a photographer and created her business from just her dream and vision: My mission is to make those invisible to society – visible and bring awareness to the beauty all around us every day that we just simply don’t notice.

Once you have these down you are well on your way to making your dream a profitable and successful business! Starting a business does not have to cost a fortune and there is no room for “I Can’t” and self-discouragement. You will never get to where you’ve never been if you don’t jump.

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