Mind over matter is a real thing! The mind is a powerful force that can ultimately limit us in every way if we allow it. Something as simple as shifting our thought process and reframing our thoughts can take us in completely new directions. If you want to take yourself and/or your business to the next level, there are some simple mindset shifts that can help get you there.

1) Your Inner Mean Girl – You know that negative self-talk we all give in to? “Can’t” and words like it, are words that will place mental blocks on your success and you won’t even realize it’s happening! “Can’t” will tell your mind that you are not able to do something. Simple shift… if you just take away the “T” you have “CAN” which empowers your mind to make a shift. Next time you hear negative words in your mind or come out of your mouth – stop for just a moment and rephrase it with positive words like CAN and watch good things happen!

2) Think and Grow Rich – Yes, that is a title to a damn good book, but also is a great motto to live by. If we program our minds by saying things like “I can’t afford that” or “I will never have this or that” then that is exactly what will happen. If you reprogram your mind by saying “I can afford this” or “I will have this or that” then wait for the amazing transformation to take place, form your mind to the universe.

3) Be Intentional – Having a clear and concise vision for what you want in your life and/or business will ultimately and automatically shift your mindset. Like it was stated above – the mind is a powerful force and will follow where you lead it. Vision boards are an amazing tool for daily visualization and act as a reminder of where you want to be in life and/or business. If you are feeling a little scatterbrained about where you are or what you want to go, then take a few minutes and write it all down. It is usually through the writing process we can find our true heart’s desires and goals.

4) Set Goals –  Goals in your mind are one thing; goals written down are another thing entirely. When you take the time and energy to write out what you want, you are literally transferring energy outside of yourself. You are removing the goal from internal to external. You are putting the energy of success out into the universe. Write it down and watch it happen!

5) Light Your Own Badass Fire – Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Don’t wait for someone else to validate you or your goal. YOU and ONLY you have the power to change your mindset, create the success you desire and love your life.

With these simple shifts, get ready to move your life and/or business forward and be the badass you were born to be!

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